Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Caveman's Bash Editor

WSO2 is in the process of improving its CI/CD pipeline in preparation for a bunch of new products(btw did you hear about our exciting new integration language? find more information here: http://ballerinalang.org/) and yours truly was given the awesome responsibility of creating a jenkins post build shell script inline with this goal. During this process I noticed a serious lack of tools for shell/bash script writers and so i wrote this simple helper script.

bash script
vim script

How to get it working,

  1. Install vim if you don’t have it in your box.
  2. Copy the vimrc file to $HOME/.vim/
  3. Move CavemansBashEditor.sh to a location of your liking and run it providing the bash script that needs to be syntax checked as a script parameter e.g. ./CavemansBashEditor.sh /home/dumiduh/myscript.sh
  4. Leave the script running and refer to it while editing your script(Refer screenshot below).


  • The script uses ‘bash -n’ linux command and will only pick up syntax errors it picks up.
  • The vimrc file changes the vim editors behavior so that it automatically saves changes, this behavior can be a pain at times so remove the file from $HOME/.vim/ when the script is not used.
  • The script was tested on Ubuntu 14.04 with vim 2:7.4.052-1ubuntu3

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